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We’ve hosted with them for several years, more than anything because it’s too much work to migrate. However they have their own, very strict, procedures regardless of the processes we have ourselves.

One example was a copyright take down notice. We’re a membership based, community. And apparently the photographer objected to 2 objects being shown through his photos. However it was unclear if he was the legal owner: the photos were done as “work for hire” so the owner of the products which photos he took, actually now owns the copyrights to such photos.

We were in the middle of figuring this out when Digital Ocean Discount sale shut us down. It turns out they had opened a support ticket regarding DMA but never emailed us about it. After 5 days they closed the network but still allowed us access to our server.

They had no idea if the person filing the claim actually WAS the copyright owner, they had no idea what was going on at all, still they decided to act without informing us.

This is one such example. Whenever there is an issue: they never bother to call or email proactively. It’s just being decided and we find out after the fact. When I address that issue they somehow claim their emails are marked as “spam” by gmail or yahoo. Yes. Of course (being cynical here). When contacting them they get belligerent. We have used cloud based services and apps for about 10+ years now, and never had the sudden stresses that we deal with when dealing with Digital Ocean.

Currently it’s simply too much work to migrate – and none of us really want to take on a new project certainly not our teachnical team – but If I had to start again, I would never, ever, choose them again. Despite their cool interface and good pricing and ease of use. They are just not worth the stress they create every couple of months with a new issue.

Our website by the way: not something obscure topic or semi-illegal, spammy or whatever else: we have been reviewed by PBS, NPR, Bloomberg News, National Geographic, London Times etc etc.

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